BARC resumes rankings after TRP scam probe

The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India has taken over the rankings of individual news channels with the release of data for week 10, 2022, on Wednesday.

Following an industry-wide consultation process, the BARC team, together with the BARC TechComm, developed the “Augmented Data Reporting Standards for News and Special Interests” genres, aligned with industry needs.

Consistent with these revised Approved Standards, audience estimates for these genres will only be released on a four-week rolling average basis, each week.

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A level playing field has been ensured for all channels in the BARC ecosystem with a single YUMI (analytics) login access to audience estimates. There is also no change in the cadence of weekly data releases, allowing for seamless planning.

“Sensitive to the industry’s need for past data for informed and fair decision-making, and as advised, BARC India will also publish data for the previous 13 weeks, i.e. for the period of week 49. , 2021 to week 9, 2022, only for channels that have not opted out of receiving this data, which will also be based on a 4 week rolling average. This data will be released over the next 3 business days,” BARC said in a statement.

The resumption comes almost 17 months after it was suspended following an investigation by Mumbai Police on some TV stations – in what was described as a TRP scam.

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