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MarketCast buys audience research specialist Invoke

January 26, 2022

MarketCast, the Los Angeles-based entertainment research and content testing platform, has acquired audience research company Invoke for an undisclosed amount.

Invoke is headquartered in Boston and also has offices in Los Angeles and New York. The company’s technology enables hundreds of viewers to participate together in live and episodic concept screenings online. The platform includes chat and discussion features, backed by advanced AI to interpret and analyze fan comments and feedback, and understand how content performs and resonates with individuals. Clients can make quick and informed decisions about storylines, characters, and marketing.

MarketCast says the purchase will allow it to expand its media and entertainment research into audience testing for broadcast and pre-release content, including series concepts and episodes; and expand its online qualitative research capabilities for longer content. Currently, MarketCast filters and tests over 3,000 movies, streaming series and TV commercials each year with millions of fans around the world; while his quantitative and qualitative research is used to shape film and television franchises, characters and storylines on the big screen and beyond.

Invoke’s product, technology, and research teams will join MarketCast, and Invoke CEO Gigi Wang (pictured left) says the move will drive growth in the people, products, and platform of his company. John Batter (right), CEO of MarketCast, added, “The acquisition of Invoke is transformative for MarketCast and the media and entertainment search segments we serve, helping the industry move fandom search to completely online streaming and TV series where speed and scale win”. .

Websites: www.marketcast.com and www.invoke.com.

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